Our editing services offer quality proofreading and copyediting and we have extensive experience in both fiction and non-fiction. We accept all types of editing, including books written by first-time writers.


Although we cannot, and do not, guarantee that having your book edited will produce the next best seller, our editors are experienced in the fiction and non-fiction fields and several are published authors. Some are award winners and all are university graduates. Their combined efforts will produce a manuscript you can be proud of. Some of our clients are published, while others are currently represented by an agent or are self-published. We are glad to submit recommendations from them upon request.




Our editors are trained to polish your work while preserving your individual voice and style, but please note that our editorial suggestions and recommendations are just that. You, the client, are free to discard or adopt these changes as you see fit, keeping in mind, however, that such recommendations represent accepted editing practices suggested by Strunk & White, the Chicago Manual of Style, and other respected sources within the industry.

Speed is not our focus, although we do aim for a thirty-day turnaround, depending on the difficulty and size of the manuscript and our current workload. We accept only those manuscripts we feel would benefit from our services and that we can comfortably handle in order to give you the most thorough and professional attention possible. Accuracy is our primary concern. We promise to put both our experience and our expertise to work for you and know you will be satisfied with our work and proud to put your finished product in the hands of an agent or publisher. Our goal is to offer the best quality service at the lowest possible price.

The list of references indicates the client's name, e-mail address, and the genre of his or her book. See also the "Gallery of Stars" listing those authors who secured an agent or publisher after having A-1 edit their manuscript.

In addition to clients in the United States, our list includes authors in Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia, the West Indies, the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, Korea and many more.