Nicole Bentley

Dark Justice was accepted for publication by the AEG Publishing Group.

Nicole Bentley was born and educated in Europe during her earlier years. She has been editing since 1992 when she began writing mainstream fiction and editing her own work. She subsequently branched out into editing for others and was the previous owner of A-1 Editing Service. She has edited mysteries, fantasy, adventure/suspense, science fiction, family histories, biographies, mainstream fiction, non-fiction, and scholarly books, although her special area of interest is novels by first-time authors. She has also edited a number of nonfiction books on religious topics, as well as on health topics.

Nicole's novel, Dark Justice, written with co-author Deborah Britt-Hay, can now be ordered on line through Barnes & Noble, and The two authors have written two other novels in their "dark" series, with two more currently on the drawing board. Ms. Britt-Hay is also the author of three published, non-fiction books.

Several of her clients are now published authors while others are either self-published or represented by an agent. Some are repeat customers, and a few have also become loyal and valued friends.

Ms. Bentley holds a B.A. degree in languages and communications with a minor in English and business and is a member of Mystery Writers of America. She speaks, reads, and writes French and Spanish fluently. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, gardening, traveling, fitness, walking, and gourmet cooking. She and her husband reside in Oregon.

Specialties: mystery, suspense, psychological thriller, adventure.
Spanish to English and French to English translations, children's stories, short stories, and young adult fiction..