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Thank you! I wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with the editing of my book, Malicious Intentions. Mary Roby did an excellent job! Her thoroughness and care for my story were evident in every word and in every sentence. I can honestly say that she treated me and my book with so much care and respect that you can tell that she loves the craft.

As I went through each page I was blown away by her talent. She didn’t just tell me what to change, she told me why. And she was right! I learned so much from her. I just can’t say enough about the quality of her work. She is amazing! Thank you Mary!

Maria Pease

As an unpublished writer, I was quite intimidated by most of the editing companies I researched. A1 caught my eye because they welcomed new writers with open arms, something I saw no one else advertise.

Pam did an extraordinary job on my manuscript. Not only did she edit all of the grammatical errors, she focused closely on plot and details as well. She pointed out many errors I was blind to and helped me to see my manuscript in a new light. My writing significantly improved after following Pam's advice.

Both Pam and Nicole were extremely friendly and personable. I didn't feel like I was just another client, and for that, along with Pam's expertise and professionalism, I would definitely recommend A1 to anyone who's looking for a professional editing service that gives a personal touch as well.

Annette Sobolak
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If the best way to improve your writing is to write everyday, the second best method is to get a professional editor--who has already made all the mistakes you have--to read your work over and offer advice.

A lot of people may overlook the latter (as I almost did myself) because it usually involves money and might cause some anxiety.

Well, I consider myself a serious writer--someone who's going to keep writing regardless of rejections--and I imagine anyone reading this feels the same way. I have to say that the money I spent to get my latest manuscript edited was definitely the best money I have ever spent.

Taking into account all the editing agencies on the Internet, I consider myself very lucky to have found A-1 Editing Service. Email communication has been fantastic, as Nicole Bentley replied promptly to every email I sent her, and my editor, Mary Linn Roby, was absolutely wonderful. I've read other testimonials on this site about her, and I agree completely with all of them.

Like most unpublished writers, I thought that after studying the craft and writing full time for five years, I had found my style and knew everything I needed to know. However, working with Mary, I discovered how much I didn't know--from major things like overwriting and compacting for pace, to smaller things such as grammar etc.

It truly was a great learning experience, a step toward becomming a better writer. I know I could not have done it on my own.

In a sense, Mary was the editor that I have always imagined a big publishing house editor would be like: not just cleaning up commas, but actually making a manuscript better. And publishable.

Jeremy Bates

I would like to recommend A-1 Editing Service web site as one of the most useful sites on the web for writers. If you're a professional writer, you need an editor. As A-1's site says, "Two sets of eyes are better than one." The road to being published is difficult enough without having to worry if your manuscript is industry ready or not.

A-1 was professional, reliable and answered any questions I had. They offer a free service where they will look at a small section of your manuscript and do an edit and critique free of charge, which helps a writer to determine how much work would be needed on their manuscript. This alone showed me just how many things I'd missed trying to edit the manuscript myself. Their input was invaluable. I know that having A-1 Editing Service polish my manuscript is what allowed me to attain representation from a Writer's Guild Signatory Agency.

I'm on my way in the world of publishing, and I owe a great deal of my success to my editors, A-1 Editing Service. I believe other writers would benefit immeasurably from A-1's services! Their site is definitely the "A-1" place I would recommend to a writer seeking editorial services!

Antoinette Avalon
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I would like to nominate the A-1 Editing Service website for the Annual 101 Best Web Sites for Writers Competition.

After completing my first manuscript, I began an exhaustive search for a qualified editor. A-1 Editing Service's website caught my attention immediately. Specifically, offering quite a bit of free and helpful information necessary to assist a writer in making the difficult decision of choosing an editorial service. As part of the website, there is also a well documented Biography section which tells a great deal of both personal and professional information about the editors employed by A-1 Editing. I decided to go with an editor working for A-1 Editing Service due to what A-1 had to offer - all beginning with the well written, informational, and constructed website. I was pleased to find the service and editor went way beyond the normal call of duty. A-1 was determined to make sure I received the best editorial service along with offering many well needed and crucial suggestions with regard to improving my manuscript altogether. I received what I consider a very warm and lasting relationship with A-1.

Please take the time to research their website and I'm confident you will be as impressed as I was.

Thank you
Gregg T. Milligan
First-Place Winner, 2001 Writer's Digest Writing Competition - Memoirs/Personal Essay Division
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I nominate A-1 Editing Service as the most valuable site that I have visited/used in recent times. Their Editor in Chief, Nicole Bentley, heads a highly skilled team of editors who can readily transform a manuscript into a valuable work.

Highly recommended to any budding or established writer looking for editorial assistance and input.

Peter Verinder
Sydney, Australia
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I grew up in downtown Madrid when the old city center was undiscovered by the hordes of tourists and hundreds of humble families called it home. There was a butcher’s shop a block away from our apartment next to a grocer, a small charcoal store, the parish church, and the school.

It may sound strange to you but in the fifties, many working-class flats in Spain had no heating, and the only source of heat in the bitter winters was a brazier under a table covered with a stout cloth. The whole family sat around the table, slipped their legs under the cloth, and enjoyed the lovely warmth, the company, and the smell, especially when my mother dropped a lemon or orange peel on the coals and its sharp aroma suffused the whole room.

The owner of the butcher shop was a rather cuddly old man¾at least he seemed old then¾and when business slacked, he moved to the back of the store where he made sausage near a window. As children, we used to stand by the opening and admire the way he cranked the shiny machine and lovingly smoothed the tripe as it became engorged with meat and spices.

I remember that on several occasions, he would stop, peer closely at the sausage, empty it, cut and discard a length of tripe, and start all over again.

One day I plucked up enough resolve to ask him why undo what, to me, looked like a perfectly good sausage. He stopped turning over the handle and looked at me over his specs. He pondered for a while and finally said, “Folks pay me with perfect money; hence they deserve perfect sausages.”

I never forgot his words. He had given me a masterful lesson about professionalism and honesty, regardless of the endeavor and however modest the work may be. The man was proud of his sausage and would not compromise with a slightly misshapen piece: his customers paid and he gave them his best. Which brings me to my editors.

No doubt you are aware by now that English is alien to me. However much I toil with prepositions and other devilishly unwieldy bits, I cannot seem to make inroads to master the intricacies of your language. A couple of years ago, I wrote a novel in Spanish and then had the brazen idea to attempt to translate it into English. Naturally I ended up with an arcane concoction of “Spanglish.”

Very proud of my efforts but heeding to the little sanity I had left, I set to engage a professional editor to polish the manuscript, just in case it needed an additional comma or two. I contacted a number of editing houses and got replies ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. One claimed that my novel was pure gold and could be published in no time¾naturally after a little touching up here and there; nothing too heavy, just a few dollars give or take ten thousand.

After sifting through the replies and a careful analysis with state-of-the-art devices such as crystal ball and rabbit’s foot, I short-listed three companies and sent them the first two pages of the manuscript for a trial. Two came back the same day with a few corrections. I read them aloud and, to tell you the truth, they sounded quite good. Then the third one arrived in the morning and posed a major problem!

At first, I thought that my monitor was faulty because the whole screen had a reddish glow to it. Then it sank in: the page was full of corrections.

With trepidation I accepted the changes, printed the final text, and read it aloud. It was a wonderful experience because it sounded like real English, but my mind is rather twisted so I compared the work of all three companies and could not believe the disparity of effort and the huge difference in quality since the fees were similar. I became suspicious: what if the two-page sample was a craftily-connived bait?

I sent the last company the first full chapter, forty pages of it, and waited. A few days later, the same red tint dyed my screen. This time, after scores of comments and indications, there was a laconic note from the editor. “The whole thing is numbing, I would drop the whole chapter.”

I was happy! I had found in A-1 Editing Service a firm of professional editors concerned with making perfect sausage, regardless of the tripe they had to discard. One hundred and twenty thousand words later, I have my novel in English after a painstaking line editing by an enthusiastic and professional team of experts who have coached me through a painful process with encouragement, constant attention at all times, and scrupulous accounting.

I know that my case is perhaps atypical because of my language limitations. I am a poor writer, but I know business and the priceless importance of professionalism, especially in an industry plagued with scams and con artists. I would recommend A-1 Editing Service to anyone who thinks that his or her prose deserves only the best.

Carlos J. Cortes
Barcelona, Spain
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I have been exceptionally pleased with every aspect of my experience with A-1 Editing Service. As a first time non-fiction author, I felt I needed a copy editor to help with my grammar and structure so that my message would be able to come through with clarity to my audience from my manuscript. After spending a great deal of time on my manuscript, I found that I was having trouble with being as effective as I wanted to be with the self-critiquing and revising of my manuscript for grammar and clarity.

After contacting Nicole from A-1 Editing Service, I began working with Shellie Hurrle who is a Senior Editor. Shellie Hurrle is an absolute professional and amazed me with her skill. Beyond her amazing copy editing, Shellie took the time to point out the common mistakes in my writing style and taught me the proper styles for writing. Shellie’s teaching helped me to grow as an author and will help me with writing in my daily life and work.

Shellie helped me tremendously so that I will have the chance for others to review my manuscript and judge my message without being bogged down or distracted by structure, clarity and grammar errors. I plan on working with Shellie Hurrle and A-1 Editing Service in the future and I would highly recommend their services to others.

I want to thank Shellie Hurrle and A-1 Editing Service for this great experience.

Scotte Hartronft, MD

This is an unsolicited letter regarding my personal experience of using Nicole Bentley of A-1 Editing to edit a novel which I wrote. This novel will be published by June of 1999.

I have over 12 years' experience in technical writing, so I have a definite advantage over many aspiring authors. Many with my background would assume that they would have no need of an editor to review and correct their work. But that would be a grave error.

Not only did Nicole correct literally hundreds of errors in grammar and style in my work, she also made constructive suggestions which improved the readability and flow of the text. Her familiarity with current publishing guidelines allowed her to correct many details which helped my novel conform with industry-accepted standards.

Anyone who endeavors to write - whether it be a short story, a novel, or a scholarly work - naturally has a lot of themselves invested in their efforts. This makes objectivity very difficult. And each time the working author reviews a paragraph or a chapter, the words become further ingrained in their mind and increasingly "set" in their content. Each reading unavoidably becomes more cursory and less able to see the text through unbiased eyes.

By the time Nicole saw my manuscript, I had read and re-read every page dozens of times. Some readings focused on style and grammar, while others focused on content and readability. By the time I mailed off the copy, I felt confident that no one could make many improvements of any consequence. I could not have been more wrong.

As a result of Nicole's efforts, my writing was greatly improved in every way. The book may not be a success in the marketplace. But I know that, with Nicole's help, I have produced the best literature I am capable of. That is all any author can hope for.

As a final note, I would like to add that Nicole took a personal interest in my work. Many editors simply slam out the corrections, mail back the manuscript, and go on to the next project. But Nicole has kept in touch to see how the process is going, and her words of encouragement kept me moving forward a couple of times when I was tempted to throw up my hands and walk away from the whole project. No one can expect more than that.

Obviously, I give Nicole Bentley my highest recommendation, as well as my sincere thanks for a job well done.

Keith Willis
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