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Great editing service! Worked with Bruce who is a master at what he does. They are very flexible and hassle free. Working on my next novel now and I'm considering no one else to edit it but them!!! Thanks!!!

Chris Fillmore

I am absolutely thrilled with my book Letters to Lori and, equally important, so are those who have read my book. When I first talked with Nicole about my manuscript she recommended Pam Guerrieri to edit my work. She couldn’t have picked a better person for both me and my book. I knew my story content was great but I lacked confidence in my personal ability as a writer. I was nervous about having a professional editor read my manuscript but with Pam it was painless. She was so easy to work with and seemed to understand exactly what I wanted to achieve. Her personal interest in my work along with her suggestions and professionalism put the finishing touches on my manuscript. The finished product was definitely well beyond my expectations. I put the prologue on my web site and have had many sales just from people reading it. I would highly recommend A-1 Editing and Pam Guerrieri.

Barbara League
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I am a writer and needed help with my books. I asked Nicole to preview each of them and offer suggestions for improvement. She was quick to respond and did high-quality work for me. I couldn't be more pleased with her efforts on my behalf in getting my titles ready for presentation to agents and publishers.
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at for further information if you so desire, as Nicole and her editors do honest, quick, and professional editing for any author desiring a good job at a reasonable price, prior to presenting their work to an agent or publisher.

Catherine Snow, author
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Editing a book should not be so enjoyable, but my two editors, Nicole Bentley and Louise Watson, provided discerning vision, careful editing, valuable suggestions, and clever changes, all of which made my book 'Round the World Without Reservation(s), a much-improved book -- congenial, collegial, considerate -- but still with a sharp eye to the best results. What more can one ask of editors? I highly recommend their service.

Chloe Winston
Ashland, Oregon

Mary Roby has finished my edit and I couldn't be happier. She is both an excellent editor and a teacher. She is also a delight to work with and was everything you promised. If you ever need a reference, please supply them with my name, e-mail address, and phone number.

I am a very satisfied customer.

Clyde Casey
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(505) 623-0306

As an aspiring future published author, I am taking this opportunity to highly recommend Nicole Bentley of A-1 Editing Service. She did an outstanding job on editing my first children's novel, "Marupa", which I am confident will be on the bookshelves by next year.

I am an educated individual with a BA in Business Administration and felt I had all the necessary skills to efficiently prepare a well-written manuscript ready for the publisher's eyes. My mother, whose major was English, assisted me in editing my final manuscript. We edited and re-edited my manu-script numerous times and felt we had a perfect manuscript. When we got the edited copy back from Nicole, we were both amazed at the amount of errors she had found and corrected. I can honestly say that out of the one hundred and seventeen pages, there was not one single page that did not need correction. Not only did we overlook grammatical errors, but punctuation errors as well. This is not to mention a lot of redundancy in my grammar. Nicole will make the necessary changes and give you suggestions that will make the reading easier. She does that without changing your style of writing and what you are attempting to get across to the readers.

You may also be interested to know that I attempted to get my novel published directly through the publisher's themselves before I sent my manuscript to Nicole. I wasted a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money in making those premature efforts. I tell you this in hopes that I may prevent other authors in making the same mistake I did. Get your manuscript edited before you sent them to publishers or literary agents! It is an investment of your time and money.

There is no doubt that Nicole is an expert in her field. She obviously takes the necessary time to properly edit manuscripts in order to prepare them for publication. I am the creator of my novel "Marupa". I built up a great character and story line that will capture the imaginations of young readers. Although I created Marupa and the storyline, it was Nicole who "dressed" Marupa properly and prepared him for the public. I believe that Marupa will become the next Lion King and I can honestly give Nicole the editing credit for the future success of my novel. Nicole is the Godmother of Marupa. I am currently working on the sequel to "Marupa" and I will have Nicole edit that manuscript once I have completed it. I would not trust anyone else to do my editing.

Nicole has my e-mail address and I authorize her to release that information and this letter to anyone who would like further information about Nicole and her company. I unequivocally recommend Nicole for your editing needs.

Alex Morgan
Author of "Marupa"
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If the best way to improve your writing is to write everyday, the second best method is to get a professional editor--who has already made all the mistakes you have--to read your work over and offer advice.

A lot of people may overlook the latter (as I almost did myself) because it usually involves money and might cause some anxiety.

Well, I consider myself a serious writer--someone who's going to keep writing regardless of rejections--and I imagine anyone reading this feels the same way. I have to say that the money I spent to get my latest manuscript edited was definitely the best money I have ever spent.

Taking into account all the editing agencies on the Internet, I consider myself very lucky to have found A-1 Editing Service. Email communication has been fantastic, as Nicole Bentley replied promptly to every email I sent her, and my editor, Mary Linn Roby, was absolutely wonderful. I've read other testimonials on this site about her, and I agree completely with all of them.

Like most unpublished writers, I thought that after studying the craft and writing full time for five years, I had found my style and knew everything I needed to know. However, working with Mary, I discovered how much I didn't know--from major things like overwriting and compacting for pace, to smaller things such as grammar etc.

It truly was a great learning experience, a step toward becomming a better writer. I know I could not have done it on my own.

In a sense, Mary was the editor that I have always imagined a big publishing house editor would be like: not just cleaning up commas, but actually making a manuscript better. And publishable.

Jeremy Bates

I would like to recommend A-1 Editing Service web site as one of the most useful sites on the web for writers. If you're a professional writer, you need an editor. As A-1's site says, "Two sets of eyes are better than one." The road to being published is difficult enough without having to worry if your manuscript is industry ready or not.

A-1 was professional, reliable and answered any questions I had. They offer a free service where they will look at a small section of your manuscript and do an edit and critique free of charge, which helps a writer to determine how much work would be needed on their manuscript. This alone showed me just how many things I'd missed trying to edit the manuscript myself. Their input was invaluable. I know that having A-1 Editing Service polish my manuscript is what allowed me to attain representation from a Writer's Guild Signatory Agency.

I'm on my way in the world of publishing, and I owe a great deal of my success to my editors, A-1 Editing Service. I believe other writers would benefit immeasurably from A-1's services! Their site is definitely the "A-1" place I would recommend to a writer seeking editorial services!

Antoinette Avalon
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I would like to nominate the A-1 Editing Service website for the Annual 101 Best Web Sites for Writers Competition.

After completing my first manuscript, I began an exhaustive search for a qualified editor. A-1 Editing Service's website caught my attention immediately. Specifically, offering quite a bit of free and helpful information necessary to assist a writer in making the difficult decision of choosing an editorial service. As part of the website, there is also a well documented Biography section which tells a great deal of both personal and professional information about the editors employed by A-1 Editing. I decided to go with an editor working for A-1 Editing Service due to what A-1 had to offer - all beginning with the well written, informational, and constructed website. I was pleased to find the service and editor went way beyond the normal call of duty. A-1 was determined to make sure I received the best editorial service along with offering many well needed and crucial suggestions with regard to improving my manuscript altogether. I received what I consider a very warm and lasting relationship with A-1.

Please take the time to research their website and I'm confident you will be as impressed as I was.

Thank you
Gregg T. Milligan
First-Place Winner, 2001 Writer's Digest Writing Competition - Memoirs/Personal Essay Division
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I nominate A-1 Editing Service as the most valuable site that I have visited/used in recent times. Their Editor in Chief, Nicole Bentley, heads a highly skilled team of editors who can readily transform a manuscript into a valuable work.

Highly recommended to any budding or established writer looking for editorial assistance and input.

Peter Verinder
Sydney, Australia
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"I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed working with you and your editors. First, you came highly recommended by a colleague I greatly admire and respect. This spoke volumes about the quality of the editing and advice A-1 Editing Service provided.

Second, because this was my first attempt at a novel, I was very apprehensive about the process, mainly from not knowing what to expect. I was thoroughly impressed with your approach: explaining the process thoroughly; replying to correspondence immediately; editing a sample of my work at no cost; assigning an editor consistent with the spirit of the book; providing manageable fees and a payment option; giving consistent support and follow-up; offering to help market the novel; and encouraging me to press on.

Third, after the novel was published, you offered to list it on your web site under the "Gallery of Stars" section. I was honored to be listed.

Finally, because my contract with the publisher only allowed me a short time frame by which to complete the novel, it pressured your editors to complete the work in a shorter time frame. Yet, with the deadline looming, there were no short cuts, no issues missed, and the editing was complete, thorough, and professional.

As I wrote in the acknowledgments, "The story is told with greater quality, precision, and clarity because of the expert, professional, and friendly work of A-1 Editing Service." Thank you for making this happen for me."

Randall Bowden, author (Chasing Echoes)

"In 2003 I finished my novel and looked around for an editing servcie to help polish it up. After doing no little research I settled on A-1 Editing Service. My criteria was simple--they answered my questions promptly, if I left a message they called back in good time, and when I spoke with Nicole she made me feel that she had my interests at heart.

Due to my novel's theme, science fiction, I was introduced to Dennis Billuni who would be my editor. Once again, Dennis was quick to answer questions, gave me frequent updates as the work progressed, and asked me questions about how I wanted my work to read. Dennis finished quickly and I received my manuscript back within thirty days. He was helpful with the changes, gave me alternatives when possible, and seemed to genuinely take an interest in the work he put in on my book. When I had questions he was easy to reach and very patient.

My novel should be in print by the end of July 05, and I'm already hard at work on the next one. I don't know how it will end, but I know where it will be edited. A-1 Editing Service."

Jim Elliott, author of To Duel With the Hands of God

"Working with Shellie was amazing. She whipped my manuscript into tip-top shape while preserving my voice and style with the utmost warmth and professionalism. Anytime I need editing services, I always think of A-1 Editing Service and Shellie first!"

Monica Gauntt

"Mary Linn Roby is the ideal editor, for she reads and rereads one's work until she is totally familiar with it and can act within the manuscript with sense and authority. We didn't always agree on the changes, but I never lost my feeling of total trust in her judgment. Now and then I flew in the face of her advice when it seemed I knew the customs of Brazil or the temperamental makeup of one of my characters better than she. I am not sure I was always correct.

Her patience is endless. It took me a long time to realize how I ignored the dress of women in my novels. Men I took care of, women I neglected, but Mary got through to me at last. she makes suggestions with an innate sense of the rightness of things that I envy, and with wit and humor as well. A-1 Editing Service has edited two of my novels already, one of which is now published. I look forward to having A-1 edit my third novel in July 2005."

Clelia Mullaly, author - A Perfect Country: Passage to Brazil

"My experience using A-1 Editing Service, was wonderful as they polished my manuscript so that I could feel confident about submitting it to agents and publishers. They offered me a five-page sample by one of their qualified editors (Dennis Billuni) and it was exactly what I was looking for. No false representation or cheap gimmicks . . . just professional editing at a fair and firmly quoted price. I would absolutely recommend this service to any aspiring author."

Brad Simpson

"My editor’s critique, as well as the line edit, helped my novels immensely. Mary Linn Roby’s sense of fiction is incredible and her analysis of character, plot, and action were quite instrumental in improving my work. If I could shlock together a Da Vinci Code book or a My affair with Oprah kind of thing, I know an editor will ignore my poor writing to get to the core of the game-- selling smut. They will line edit, so some writers may forego a line edit or think it unnecessary for the cost, but a critique shows how to improve the story for maximum effec, and Mary is great at that. I recommend A-1 Editing Service and its editors to all writers seeking to improve their writing skills."

Jim Tomaszek, author (All Else Is Vanity and Let the Devil Dress Her Not)

"When I started writing the story, I had no idea the many steps needed to get it done. Finding a great editor, who not only empathized with story content but visualized the final product in print, has been the most important part of my journey.

A-1 made the process sting-free. They replied promptly to questions and kept me informed of progress (of both securing the date for the edit and completion of it). Professional, kind, and easy to deal with, it was exactly what I hoped for.

Editor Shellie Hurrle seemed the perfect choice for my work after reading over 100 profiles. I received several genuine messages from her throughout the process, I felt safe all along the way; she put everything she had into completing my project on time and in first class fashion. I had made the right choice with Shellie as editor! She did an extraordinary job with the critique, and the edit. Clear, easy to understand, and it was completely user friendly for me

My book is going to make it and in large part, I owe it to A-1 Editing Service and to Shellie. She worked with my sensitive story and shaped it into a compelling read. Choosing Shellie and A-1 made the difference for me."

Peg Sorensen, author

"Dennis is not only a great editor, but a great teacher! He is concerned as much about the writer, as he is the manuscript. His critique and suggestions changed my writing style forever."

Michael Debronsky

"Our experience with A-1 Editing service has been fulfilling and memorable. It’s rare to find an editor who strives to preserve your creativity during the editing process, but Dennis is wonderful! His knowledge and experience are evident throughout the entire process. We have four more novels in need of Dennis’ professionalism and we can’t wait to work with him again. Thank you, Nicole, for having a heart for the business and your devotion to customer care."

Paul and Ty Joseph
North Carolina

"Working together with Nicole and Mary Linn Roby was the equivalent of attending a personalized writing course with a great reward at the end -- A professional edit of my action adventure novel After the Gate. Surprisingly, the writing course (edit) has been very beneficial in my business career as well. Since working with Mary, business letters and proposals are much easier to compose. Mary’s genius must have rubbed off; next month I will be conducting a workshop in my home state entitled The Truth About Writing Fiction. Thanks Mary and Nicole for helping After the Gate becoming a success and magnifying my talents."

Will Eastburn

I received the manuscript from Mary Linn Roby, and I am so pleased with all the work she's done on it. I have no doubt that this novel will sell to a publisher. If it doesn't it won't be because of the quality of the work, and that's for sure!

Mary has taught me so much about the craft of writing, irony, pacing, building suspense and condensing for maximum effect. I love my story, and Mary has helped me to create an even deeper, more interesting world on the pages. It is truly enhanced, it sparkles. I can't say enough about Mary's work, I believe an angel guided me to your site. When the novel is published I will give Mary and your site an acknowledgement.

Thank you so much,
Nancy Niles

Carol, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did on my behalf. Your comments will be very helpful as I attempt to rewrite this story again and correct all the errors. I have learned a great eal as a result of this project.

You provided invaluable assistance and I think I was very well served for the money I spent. A-1 Editing did an excellent job and I am a very happy customer. You will be hearing from me again when I finish my ghost story.

Thanks again
Jim Pahz