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I really appreciated the time and effort Carol put into editing my manuscript. Having never written a book before, I wasn't familiar with correct sentence structure, point of view, or any of the basics on how to write a good story. Carol did a great job of tightening up my story and making it more readable.

Thanks, Carol, for everything!
Kathy Simcox

It is such a relief to find someone who not only understands the writing process, but who actually can help improve it. David Pabian did an outstanding job in nudging me in the right direction. The result is a manuscript I can show to agents and publishers with confidence. His concise recommendations were always well founded and his critique pointed exactly at things that needed fine-tuning. But he didn’t leave me with a mere critique but also showed me how to bring my novel to the next level. I wholeheartedly recommend A-1 Editing Service, and I certainly will bring future manuscripts to them for editing and critiquing.

Heinrich Landolt, author, Dogs of Hollywood

"As an aspiring writer also trying to save money for graduate school, I was a little nervous about paying someone to do something I thought I could do on my own. But after I got my first edit back from Shellie Hurrle, I was convinced I had to have her help. She is an incredibly talented editor who is sensitive, insightful, and understanding. Her eye for detail amazes me and truly helped me improve my manuscript in ways I never could have on my own. It was worth the investment.

In addition to her initial help, Shellie has been great with follow up, answering any questions I had during or after the edit, promptly. She, and Nicole at A1 have also been a great resource for information on the publishing world as well as encouraging when things have been difficult."

Ted Neill

"I highly recommend A-1 Editing Service, and my assigned editor Mary Linn Roby to any writer. Working with Mary was like taking a one-on-one intensive writing course. I very much value her professional and sensitive approach to my writing and the subject matter."

Nina Holden, author of Clandestine Confessions

Please let me tell you how pleased I am with the editing of my manuscript by A-1 Editing (more particularly by Dennis Billuni.) It was shocking--but in a good way--to see the improvement of the prose and the crispness that emerged after implementing Dennis’ suggestions.

I was delighted and gratified as well by the analysis of plot and character. As a result of Dennis’ comments, I was able to make significant changes that really made a difference in the flow, the motivation and the emotional impact of the story in its entirety. As a total novice, I found Dennis’ help to be invaluable.

I also would note that I found the cost to be very reasonable particularly in light of all of the concrete feedback I received from Dennis and the obvious extended hours put into the review.

Finally, I found Dennis to be a wonderful blend of constructively critical but encouraging. He was completely helpful without crushing my spirit. I felt invigorated about my novel and anxious to continue to improve it after working with Dennis.

Thank you so much for your help in my project.

Sincerely, Christine M. Whitehead
Hartford, Connecticut

I thought that my mystery novel was finished. So, I sent to it Mary Linn Roby for correcting. What an eye-opener! In her thirty-six pages of comments she suggested better ways of wording descriptions, adding more information in some places, and taking away empty dialogue in others. My novel is ready to be published because of her efforts. Thanks, Mary.

Bob Miller

My experience with Lorna Lynch of A-1 Editing has been nothing but positive. As an aspiring novelist, I really wanted some honest feedback and that’s exactly what I received. Not only did she help me with some technical issues but she gave input on the general flow of the story -- where I was repeating myself, and where I needed a reminder of the ‘show don’t tell’ rule. She was also available with any questions I had and was always prompt in her response. I was also grateful for the positive comments she made. Knowing it’s been edited by someone who knows her stuff gives me a new burst of confidence. I would most definitely use her again.

Thanks Lorna!

Julia Lawrence

I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the editing work Mary Linn Roby provided for my book. Her editorial suggestions significantly tightened up the pace of the novel and her suggestions on the plot helped greatly in solving two issues in the book that I have been grappling with for months. As anyone who is writing a novel knows, you reach a point where you are so deeply involved in the project that you need someone with a fresh perspective to take a look at it. I feel as though Mary has done just that, adding a level of polish that I wasn't able to bring to the project on my own. I appreciate her level of detail and commitment.

Larry Doyle

This message is for any writer who is worried about paying the money or entrusting someone with their work. GET OFF THE FENCE AND HAVE A-1 EDITING SERVICE DO YOUR EDITING! If you go with a friend who took four years of English, or someone else who thinks he knows what he's doing, then get used to rejection letters--not to mention the years you will waste wondering why your break hasn't come. I could not be more thrilled with A-1 Editing Service, and my editor, Dennis Billuni.

Kevin Cooley
Email for a reference

I received a nibble from a publishing company interested in publishing my novel. However, they wanted it professionally edited before they sent it on “to the next level.” After calling around, I ultimately settled on A-1 Editing Services. Today, I received Mary Roby’s edits. Frankly, I am stunned. Her work is far beyond anything I expected. She is clear, concise and right on the money with suggestions. I will be resubmitting my book in a few weeks. Even if I don’t get the novel published, I can honestly say I gave it my best shot and with Mary’s help submitted my very best work. That’s all anyone can do. And one more thing, writing courses are fine, but I’ve learned more from reading Mary’s page-by-page editing of my novel than from any class I’ve taken or how-to book I’ve read. My apologies for sounding a little over the top, but she’s that good.

Barrett Schmanska

This is an endorsement for A-1 Editing Service, and Mary Linn Roby. Let me start at the beginning, which would be approximately two years ago. At that time I had just completed my first novel, a work that I very much wished to see published. I contacted A-1 Editing Service (on a Sunday) to ask information regarding their prices and scope of their services. In less than an hour, Nicole Bentley responded to my query. She was professional, kind, and extremely helpful. We ended up emailing several times before I decided that at that point in time, I would be unable utilize their service.

Her final response was both encouraging and gracious, and I will never forget her for her kindness.

Just a few months ago, I completed my second novel. (My first was still in a shoebox in the closet) Again, I made contact on a Sunday and again, in less than an hour, Nicole was responding. She remembered me and was happy to hear from me again. Several e-mails later, I had contracted with A-1 Editing to edit my book.

Nicole assigned Mary Linn Roby to me, and she proved to be extremely kind, thorough, and patient. Not only did she edit my book in a remarkably short time but it was clear, from the first page to the last, that she truly read the material and put thought and effort into her suggestions and comments. As I began my editing process, I read and reread her comments, making sure that she and I understood what I was trying to get across in the story. It did not take long for me to trust her judgment and expertise completely, and although I still read over her notes before I made any changes, I now did so in order to learn all I could from her guidance.

Mary went the extra mile for me, always answering my e-mails promptly, never sounding annoyed when I asked her questions, and she was always willing to re-read rewritten segments.

The cost was very reasonable, and, I believe, worth every cent. I did some shopping around, price-comparing for my husbands sake, and we were shocked at how reasonable A-1 was compared to other services. One such service wanted over three times more than A-1 and insisted that the author be responsible for her own spelling!

Just two days ago, Triskelion Publishing offered me a contract for the book that Mary edited for me. The release date is set for September 2006. I know that without Mary’s help and guidance, my dream of becoming published would not have been realized.

Tami E

I'm writing to let you know that the professional services you provided for my four children's books have just now borne fruit. Last September, 2007, Tate Publishing out of Oklahoma accepted all four of my stories with the first one in the series, Pepper the Preschool Puppy (The Call of the Ball), being published as of this week!

Tate publishing did a very professional job with the story and you played a wonderful part in making them presentable. The book is available on Tate's web site ( only until September 9, when it will go through all the proper channels to the larger bookstores and web outlets like Amazon.

It was good doing business with you and I do plan on using A-1 Editing again!

God Bless,
Guy Brooke

Mary Linn Roby's meticulous and careful eyes read every word on every page of my latest novel, Reckless Indifference, providing sharp analytical insight, more concise and effective ways to say what was need, and a keen eye for style. Her editorial advice significantly improved the flow and readability as well as the form and substance of my new novel. She is always supportive, professional, and prompt. Her quick turn-around time was incredibly important to me. I highly recommend A-1's services, and Mary is most certainly the person I will seek out when my third book gets close to completion.

Julie Bigg Veazey, author of Silent Cry and Reckless Indifference

After having noted all the editorial changes Mr. Billuni made on my novel, I am absolutely astonished by the level of detail that one of your edits actually goes into. I really feel that as much as I love my own work, I would not have had the motivation to look up all the accepted phrases, proper spellings and punctuation that A-1 Editing did for me. The edit was everything I hoped it would be-- somebody getting into the weeds for me so I could focus more on the bigger picture of what I wanted to say.

What further amazes me are the number of mistakes that I overlooked. After having written and rewritten the novel several times, I still used "they're" instead of "their," and many similar errors that I understand but somehow missed time and time again. I think it is hard for a writer to have the eye of an editor because you know what you're trying to say, but the editor sees what you're actually writing. The amount of work it takes to create a marketable manuscript is daunting, and I realize now that it would be impossible to do so without an editor. I thought my book was nearly complete when I sent it to you, but only now realize what "complete" truly means.

Furthermore, the editing process was an educational experience for me. Manually fixing all my repetitive mistakes, as noted by Dennis, was like being in a writing clinic. They say repetition is the mother of understanding, and by the second half of the novel I didn't even have to study the red marks because I knew in advance what problem he was fixing. That is a very valuable part of editing that I hadn't really anticipated.

I am completely satisfied with the product. I know that from the writer's perspective the cost of editing may seem quite high. Yet, when I sit back and truly think of the amount of work my editor put into the work-- reading and re-reading the novel, looking up conventions in the Chicago Manual of Style, perusing words in the dictionary to find the right word instead of the one I had used, and sitting back and mulling hundreds of sentences around in his head until it's just right-- I think the cost is actually quite reasonable.

It has taken me a great deal of time just to incorporate the editorial changes, and that is much quicker than actually thinking them through and making them. When I am ready again, I will be coming back to A-1 Editing, as the job was truly professional and well worth the money.

Joshua Keil