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Mary Roby has been fantastic! Her editing and suggestions have been right on the mark. She has always been prompt in answering my emails and returning my phone calls. She is the best. Please feel free to use this recommendation for your website Clients' Comments if you want.

Thanks for everything,
Alan R. Cohen MD

A few months ago, I searched for an editing agency that would fit the budget of an aspiring author and starving artist--one that didn't seem to cater only to the established or the wealthy.

A few months later, I received my manuscript back quicker than originally scheduled and was surprised and delighted. From customer service to the actual product of editing, Nicole and Dennis Billuni at A-1 Editing Service, were extremely professional and thorough. I went from sensing that something was wrong with my manuscript and not being able to pinpoint it all by myself, to reading it as if it were already in print.

I had thought that any step forward would be the right step. As it turned out, having Dennis edit my book was a giant leap toward getting published. In doing so, I went from feeling like a mere dreamer to someone who has the confidence to be recognized as a future author to be reckoned with. My manuscript is now where it was always meant to be.

Thank you,
Robert Dylan Moody
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Chambersburg, PA

Nicole Bentley and the A-1 Editing staff are "top drawer"! They are experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of writing and the nature of authors. I could not imagine being published without them.

The success of my first novel, Happy Holidays: A Political Thriller! , is a reflection of their great work. Because of their expertise in formatting the manuscript, my story was accepted by the first publisher I contacted. A-1 Editing will be the best investment you make along the way to having your work published.

John Smith, author

I found A-1 editing by surfing the web for editors. That was a lucky find for me. Nicole took me under her wing and not only edited my first book but gave advice on many related subjects. The reply to any question was always prompt, informative and friendly. Even while correcting and rearranging my book Nicole managed to keep my personal style intact. Nicole was always friendly and helpful. I fully recommend A-1 Editing for any author of any level. You will get quick, accurate and friendly service. You will not be disappointed.

Jerry Lee

Nicole, I have never been treated with such professionalism before on the Internet. Your prompt responses from the beginning, and seeing that my stories got to to the right editor for the job, left me thinking two things: how personally efficient, and this can't be legit--something must be wrong! Thank you for speedy replies and for seeing that my stories were expedited with proper care to Shellie Hurrle; my personal children's editor, with whom I am well pleased.

To Shellie Hurrle; I would say, "You're 'pretty' darn good," but then you'd get me on using a modifier, (nothing slips past you, does it?), I must say that your enthusiasm for your profession makes me strive to do my best. Even though you gave me nice kudos for my writing, you didn't pull any punches, and I sense that you don't like second best. Thank you for making my books shine. You are simply great, and I look forward to sending you more stories.

Guy Brooke

I have been exceptionally pleased with every aspect of my experience with A-1 Editing Service. As a first time non-fiction author, I felt I needed a copy editor to help with my grammar and structure so that my message would be able to come through with clarity to my audience from my manuscript. After spending a great deal of time on my manuscript, I found that I was having trouble with being as effective as I wanted to be with the self-critiquing and revising of my manuscript for grammar and clarity.

After contacting Nicole from A-1 Editing Service, I began working with Shellie Hurrle who is a Senior Editor. Shellie Hurrle is an absolute professional and amazed me with her skill. Beyond her amazing copy editing, Shellie took the time to point out the common mistakes in my writing style and taught me the proper styles for writing. Shellie’s teaching helped me to grow as an author and will help me with writing in my daily life and work.

Shellie helped me tremendously so that I will have the chance for others to review my manuscript and judge my message without being bogged down or distracted by structure, clarity and grammar errors. I plan on working with Shellie Hurrle and A-1 Editing Service in the future and I would highly recommend their services to others.

I want to thank Shellie Hurrle and A-1 Editing Service for this great experience.

Scotte Hartronft, MD

This is an unsolicited letter regarding my personal experience of using Nicole Bentley of A-1 Editing to edit a novel which I wrote. This novel will be published by June of 1999.

I have over 12 years' experience in technical writing, so I have a definite advantage over many aspiring authors. Many with my background would assume that they would have no need of an editor to review and correct their work. But that would be a grave error.

Not only did Nicole correct literally hundreds of errors in grammar and style in my work, she also made constructive suggestions which improved the readability and flow of the text. Her familiarity with current publishing guidelines allowed her to correct many details which helped my novel conform with industry-accepted standards.

Anyone who endeavors to write - whether it be a short story, a novel, or a scholarly work - naturally has a lot of themselves invested in their efforts. This makes objectivity very difficult. And each time the working author reviews a paragraph or a chapter, the words become further ingrained in their mind and increasingly "set" in their content. Each reading unavoidably becomes more cursory and less able to see the text through unbiased eyes.

By the time Nicole saw my manuscript, I had read and re-read every page dozens of times. Some readings focused on style and grammar, while others focused on content and readability. By the time I mailed off the copy, I felt confident that no one could make many improvements of any consequence. I could not have been more wrong.

As a result of Nicole's efforts, my writing was greatly improved in every way. The book may not be a success in the marketplace. But I know that, with Nicole's help, I have produced the best literature I am capable of. That is all any author can hope for.

As a final note, I would like to add that Nicole took a personal interest in my work. Many editors simply slam out the corrections, mail back the manuscript, and go on to the next project. But Nicole has kept in touch to see how the process is going, and her words of encouragement kept me moving forward a couple of times when I was tempted to throw up my hands and walk away from the whole project. No one can expect more than that.

Obviously, I give Nicole Bentley my highest recommendation, as well as my sincere thanks for a job well done.

Keith Willis
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I’d like to express my gratitude for the editing job Mary Linn Roby did on my novel.

At 145,000 words and a first effort, I didn’t know what to expect, but I got more than I had dreamed possible.

I have gone so far as to put together a file I call “Mary’s Rules”, which could be the basis for a creative writing course it is so extensive, and useful. Being able to apply these “rules” to my ms was exciting, and very rewarding.

She not only directed attention to problems with my writing, such as POV, style, sentence structure, punctuation, etc., she went further and showed me how to solve the more difficult problems. Also, she was generous with her explanations as to why she saw a need for a given change recommendation.

Of the 840 pages in the manuscript, she left only one untouched, and her comments were so professional and obviously accurate, I did not even think to be resentful that she suggested so many changes to my ever-so-carefully constructed prose. On the contrary, I was appreciative for every single one, and I used 90% percent of them.

As a result, my novel now reads (I am told by others) extremely well, and I am now marketing it with real confidence.

I would not hesitate to offer anyone an unqualified recommendation of A-1's and Mary’s services.

Thank you.
Jeremy Chester
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I have used A-1 Editing services for three books, two have been published, one is currently under consideration for publication. I couldn't have become a published author without the help and watchful eye of Nicole Bentley and her wonderful staff. Please feel free to contact me at the email address below if you wish. In fact, I'll have another book, my fourth one, for A-1 to edit in late November or December.

Linda Bilodeau
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Carol Thoma was able to take my words and refine and organize them so that the novel flowed. She maintained my style and voice through out her changes. For my next novel I plan on budgeting in enough time for a second edit! Carol's explanations, both in the comments in my novel, and in answering my questions, were most informative about good style and grammar. This edit was money well spent!

Lisa Nevin

I am so happy that I decided to have my manuscript edited by Mary Linn Roby through A-1 editing. Not only did she vastly improve what I sent to the publisher, but I feel as though I've just taken a cram course in creative writing.

Because of her in-depth explanations, I understand succintness, over-writing, when to use narrative and when to use dialogue, over-describing, etc. I had gone over and over my manuscript to try to improve it, but I just couldn't see it objectively on my own. I missed so much. Marylinn saw it all and explained it to me in a very kind and methodical way. I still can't get over her thoroughness !!!

I feel really good about what I sent to the publisher, and, for the first time in 2 1/2 years, I can relax and know that it is the best I can offer.

I would definitely recommend A-1 Editing and Mary Linn to anyone. What a difference you've made!! Thank you.

Penny Lauer

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did assisting me with my Jack Russell book, The Idiot's Guide to Jack Russell Terriers. I have just learned from the publisher that it will be on the shelves March 15, two weeks early, in part because of the finished product that I was able to provide to them with your help. My editor at Howell Book House commented on how polished the manuscript was and how few changes the book needed in order for it to go to print.
Thanks so much for your input, encouragement and assistance. I couldn't have done it without you!

Debbie Britt-Hay
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There’s an old adage that says that the attorney who defends himself has a fool for a client. I believe something similar applies to writers in that we become so involved with our work that we lose perspective, often burying literary gems in a mountain of words. I, for one, wrote a novel which I felt I had adequately tapered and couldn’t see my way to cutting further. In fact, it was verbose, redundant, and frequently lost its pace frequently.

Mary Linn Roby selectively removed about 50,000 words from my original 150,000. Suddenly, I found myself reading an enjoyable and well-paced story, which I recognized as my own. Yet, it was crisp and conveyed its message with singular clarity and precision previously lacking.

Trust me--in almost every instance where the pen is mightier than the sword, you can find an editor like Mary Linn Roby behind the jacket cover. I heartily recommend her work.

Tony Gonzalez

I want to express my deeply felt appreciation for the high quality of service I received from Carol Thoma of A-1 Editing Service. The depth of her attention to grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, character and plot development, dialogue (personality projection), and the natural flow of the story line was priceless. I felt like I received far more than my money’s worth when I received my edited document.

Both Carol and Nicole were always courteous and quick to respond my questions.

I have other friends who are working on manuscripts and will point them in A-1’s direction when they are finished. I’m one of those do-it-yourselfers who went the self-publishing route and as a result, two weeks after submitting my final manuscript, I will have my first batch of books in hands!

Thanks, Carol and Nicole, for all your help and your generous nature.

James D. Lane

I am so happy to have found A-1 Editing Service! I had my manuscript edited before and they didn't do half of what my assigned A-1 editor, Pam Guerrieri, did. She was excellent, and I loved all of her suggestions. I would not only recommend her but would also want her to edit my work in the future. Thank you again!

Lashawn Bronner

I finished my manuscript and A-1 Editing Service LLC, was one of the editors I contacted. From the very beginning they were professional and explained the process and industry to me thoroughly. They answered all my correspondences promptly and gave me advice even before I choose them to edit my manuscript. Being a novice, that was extremely helpful.

They gave me exactly what they had advertised they would give - a sample edit of the first five pages (not chosen haphazardly, and not editing less than promised) and a critique of the first 15 pages.

I am glad Nicole Bentley picked as my editor one highly experienced with the spirit of my book - Pam Guerrieri. As one who was not yet published, I was reluctant as to whether I should spend my money on editing. Pam’s sample edit and feedback showed me I needed the edits but more importantly she understood my point of view and how I was trying to present it. Her quality of work, professionalism, feedback, meticulous edits and suggestions are such that I would recommend her to others and use their service again.

They quoted me a price and payment option that was manageable; but what really made me chose them was the quality of their sample edits, clarification of questions I had, the warm feeling of guidance and understanding my story from my point of view. It was not just an aloof edit; I feel Pam did it with her heart, consistent with the way I wrote the story. I was highly impressed with the final product and how she could see on pages that I had edited multiply times, punctuation errors, redundancy, voice choice, and common mistakes in writing.

Nicole and Pam, I thank you sincerely; you have been a light on my publishing path and I look forward to working with you again.

Esther Lamnyam