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Mary Linn Roby provided me with a different perspective toward my writing. She efficiently pointed out where and how to compact my mystery, move the tension forward while not giving away anything too early, and, of course, what “worked” and “didn’t work.” I’m just getting into the line-by-line rewrite from Marylinn’s edit and am using almost all of her suggestions.

The most useful thing she did for me, I think, is to give me her opinion of what I had written and how it played out from the way I put it together. This feedback was the only legitimate mirror I’ve found over the years I’ve been writing. It will be interesting to see what difference it makes with my submissions.

Melody Scott
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Hiring an editor was absolutely the right thing for me to do at that point in time. It allowed me to realize that I needed to do a lot more work. Further more, hiring the RIGHT editor was crucial. And I had the perfect editor in Greg Freed of A-1 Editing Service. His comments and dedication to my project were reassuring and extremely helpful (which is exactly what a beginning writer needs). Your comments were right on, and they helped me open my eyes to the world of writing.

Jason Wint

For any writer who is serious about his or her craft, we would highly recommend the expertise of A-1 Editing Service.

We researched a lot of editing companies over the course of a year and finally settled with A-1. Everything we wanted from an editing company and more was supplied by the lead editor Pam Guerrieri.

Her attention to detail, analysis and overall genuine concern for our book being the absolute best so we would be successful in a competitive market simply blew us away.


We would recommend A-1 Editing Service to first-time writers and veterans for all types of genres!

For Women Famous... authors of "AND SHE WORE THE NAME"
Heleana Adele, Yvonne Stencil, and Theresa Ward

I fully recommend the services of A-1 Editing Service. I engaged them at a time where I had taken the MS as far as I could.

Nicole's speedy replies to all queries helped to move things along smoothly, and Dennis Latham's professional editing proved to be more helpful than I expected. They are a good investment if you wish to move from a wannabe to a maybe.

I wish them the very best for the future.

Mick Furey
Perth, Australia

Many thanks to editors Pam Guerrier and Shellie Hurrle at A1 Editing Service. Their editing and feedback have lifted my book The Key to Career Success to an even higher level. While reading the edited manuscript from them, I could feel that they had put their whole heart into editing it. They have made a difference in the book and I’ll come back to A1 Editing Service again next time.

Best regards,
Sanxing Sun

I am indebted to my many friends and family for their continued encouragement, positive feedback and well deserved criticism of my early drafts. And to Mary Linn Roby of A-1 Editing Service, a great author in her own right, corrected my many errors, kept me straight and on track. Particular thanks to my wife Lynda, for things that would fill several chapters on their own.

While this book is a complete and utter work of fiction filled with large doses of figments of my imagination, I’m grateful for a long and varied career that exposed me to many different and interesting individuals, some of which are blended into composites as some of the characters in this book.

Howard Jenkins
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I am very pleased with the professional service I received from A-1 Editing Service. My editor, Mary Linn Roby, did an outstanding line by line edit of my mystery novel. I learned a great deal from her comments and felt like I had my own personal writing coach. I suggest that those authors who are interested in a comphehensive edit take the opportunity to send in a sample and discover for themselves just how helpful a professional edit can be.

Patricia Driscoll

I can only qualify the work done by Mary Linn Roby, Chief Editor of A-1 Editing Service, simply, as superb. In a very skillful and elegant manner, in the editing of my book she made the most appropriate changes in regards to punctuation, grammar and syntax. Most importantly, she was able to convey to the reader, without deviating from the original concept, the exact meaning and the feeling I was trying to put in writing. This, to me, is a quality that makes Mary Linn a truly exceptional editor. Undoubtedly, she is the best in her field.

Francisco Quintero, M.D.

I entered into my first project with A-1 Editing as skeptical as any brand new writer might be. I was pleased to find a level of professionalism, expertise, and attention far beyond what I could have expected. It was like working with a friend, not just a business partner. Dennis Latham did not just edit my manuscript, he provided the advice I needed to take my work to whole new level.

Cpt. Jonah Krause