Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge by the word or the page?

Please ask for our What We Do Guide to see how we compute your fee.

What can I expect for my fee?

You can expect two full consecutive edits, which means we edit the manuscript once, making the bulk of our changes, then edit it a second time to be sure nothing was missed before returning it to you. In addition, you will receive an all-inclusive critique letter, which can range from two to twenty pages or more, recapping areas of improvement, focusing on what works and what does not, and commenting on plot and character development and mechanics (punctuation, sentence structure, redundancies, confusing or unclear language, etc.)

Are there any hidden charges?

No. The figure stated in your contract is firm and final unless you increase the word count after the contract has been drawn or your requirements change, necessitating additional time. Other than return postage and printing fees, if necessary, there are no other charges.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept money orders, personal checks, and wire transfer and Paypal (with additional fees).

Can payment arrangements be made?

We normally require two payments--one when you sign and return the contract and the second just prior to completion-- however, we can work up a plan of up to four payments depending on the amount of the fee. The total fee must be paid prior to completion and return of the editing.

Can I send some sample pages for a complimentary edit and mini-critique via the Internet?

Yes. We accept up to fifteen pages as an e-mail attachment in MSWord .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, though your editor in charge may request more in order to do a creditable critique. We will edit the first five pages and critique all pages submitted free of charge. The editing will be done using the MSWord tracking system that shows additions in blue, deletions in red, and comments either in another color or in a side bubble, depending on the version used.

Do you accept manuscripts on disk?

Yes. There is an $0.10 per page charge for printing your manuscript in our office.

Do you handle fiction or nonfiction?

We have done a considerable amount of editing of both fiction in all genres, as well as nonfiction manuscripts. However, our specialty is novels written by first-time and novice writers.

Do you handle movie/TV screenplays?

Yes. Two of our editors specialize in TV and screenplays.

What are your editors' qualifications, education, experience, and background?

Please refer to each of our editors' pages for information about their education and experience. Some have chosen not to have their names or pictures appear on the web site, but we would be happy to submit their references and background if their expertise fits your manuscript.

Do you do any editing online?

The vast majority of our editing is done online, though we do have one editor that specializes in hard copy editing. It is largly an author preference.

Do you have references I can contact?

Yes. Our list of references (by no means all inclusive) can be found here. The list includes some of our clients' names, e-mail addresses, and genres. Feel free to contact them, though please note that people sometimes change servers and/or e-mail addresses and we are able to update our list only if they notify us of such a change. Therefore, some addresses may no longer be correct.

What organizations do you belong to and where do you advertise?

We belong to Authorlink--a prestigious organization that list editors only after closely scrutinizing their reputation--and to PMA. We advertise with online magazines and sites devoted to writers.

How long will it take to edit my manuscript?

Depending on length, editor availability, and our backlog, it may take up to six weeks to complete your manuscript. We focus on accuracy rather than speed. Your editor in charge edits only one manuscript at a time. Manuscripts are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and are put on our schedule as soon as the editing contract and initial payment are received.

What is your publishing track record with authors whose manuscripts you have edited?

Please see our Gallery of Stars for authors who now have agents, have been published, or are self-publishing. Some of our authors have secured major publishing deals.

Do you need a synopsis with my manuscript?

A synopsis or outline is extremely helpful to the editor (especially when dealing with in fiction) to understand the plot, but it is not necessary.

Do I need to send a synopsis for a short story?


Can you help me with a submission package?

Yes, our clients often ask for this service after the editing is completed. Our charge to polish up your draft of a synopsis, author's bio, and query letter (the basic submission package) is $45 per hour.

Can you help me find an agent/publisher?

For ethical reasons, we do not endorse a specific agent/publisher. Rather, we suggest you purchase the most recent Guide to Literary Agents (for agents) or the Writer's Marketplace (for publishers) where agents/publishers are listed by genre and alphabetically. We will also including a series of links to both agents and publishers upon request.

Will I be published if my work is edited?

Please note we cannot and do not guarantee that having your work edited will result in either representation by an agent or publication by a publisher. We can only assist in putting your manuscript in the best shape possible to attract an agent or publisher. If you are interested in ghostwriting services rather than editing, please contact us for more information or refer to our What We Do Guide.