Gallery of Stars

Julie Bigg-Veazey
(Mary Linn Roby)

Jadine CreateSpace Publishing
Reckless Indifference Booksurge Publishing
Silent Cry Booksurge Publishing
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Jeremy Bates
(Mary Linn Roby)
White Lies Oceanview Publishing Amazon
Taste of Fear Website
Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn
(Dennis Billuni)
Perfect Circle Simon and Schuster Amazon
Kate Kaynak
(Debbie Britt-Hay)
Operative Spencer Hill Press Amazon
Accused Spencer Hill Press B&N
Legacy Spencer Hill Press Website
Adversary Spencer Hill Press
Minder Spencer Hill Press

Jeremy Rodden
(Dennis Billuni)

Toonopolis: Gemini Portmanteau Press
Lisa Wiedmeier
(Jodi Tahsler)
Cheyenne Integrity Amazon

Derald Hamilton
(Mary Linn Roby)

The Call D. Hamilton Books Amazon

Clifton Marsh
(Jodi Tahsler)

Getting Out Of Dodge, Heading For L.A. Publish America Website

Sonia Denice
(Jodi Tahsler)

Chow-E-Chowz White & Leejay Publishing Website

Terri Friedlander
(Mary Linn Roby)

Chasing Her Destiny Black Rose Writing
Tami Dee
(Mary Linn Roby)
Under A Viking Moon Desert Breeze Publishing
Dawn of a Viking Sunrise Desert Breeze Publishing
Beyond A Viking Horizon Desert Breeze Publishing
Through A Viking Mist Desert Breeze Publishing

Patricia Driscoll
(Mary Linn Roby)

Shedding Light On Murder Five Star Press  

Jack J. Lee
(Deck Deckert)

Death By Revelation Sustainable Earth
Year Of The Dead Sustainable Earth

Tim Wahl
(Kathryn Davis/Carol Thoma)

Heaven's Wars: Guardians of Paradise Tim Wahl Amazon

Derald Hamilton
(Mary Linn Roby)

The Call D. Hamilton Books Amazon
Terry Row
(Kathryn Davis)
Phyllis Marie Clifton Edwin Publishing

James Owens
(Dennis Billuni)

Dark Recollections Publish America Publisher

Salahuddin Khan
(Pam Guerrieri)-

Sikander Karakoram Press

B & N Amazon

Named in Conversations Magazine's Top 100 Books of 2010d

Bryan McMurry
(Carol Thoma)

It's Not About The Fish MC Squared Publishing Amazon
Debi Einmo
(Deborah Britt-Hay)
Don't Bid!: Insider Secrets for Small Businesses to Benefit From Government Spending Book Surge Publishing Amazon
Nancy Niles
(Mary Linn Roby)
Vendetta: A Deadly Win, a Tina Munroe Mystery Second Wind Publishing  
Robert L. Aguas The Scammer and the Barracuda 1stBooks Library
Elizabeth Appell
(Mary Linn Roby)
Easy Made Hard, a short film Produced by Elizabeth Appell  
Lessons from the Gypsy Camp Scribes Valley Publishing
"Confessions of a Catholic Girl" Awarded the Pen is a Mighty Sword's international New Play contest sponsored by the Virtual Theater Project.
Jeremy Bates
(Mary Linn Roby)
Travel Bog Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency  
Kathy Kadilak
(Kathryn Davis)
Tommy Finds His Forever Home AuthorHouse
Robert Battaglia
(Dennis Billuni)
Attic Access! PublishAmerica
Linda Benoit-Bilodeau
(Nicole A. Bentley)
The Olive Branch: A Tale of Resistance PublishAmerica
Stepping Through the Seagrass Arche Books Publishing  
Nicole A. Bentley & Deborah Britt-Hay
(Mary Linn Roby)
Dark Justice Accepted for publication by the AEG Publishing Group
Nancy Pofahl
(Kathryn Davis)
A Freefall Into Life Eloquent Books
Curt Blattman
(Mary Linn Roby)
Children of the Womb 1stBooks Library (now AuthorHouse)
Randall Bowden Chasing Echoes PublishAmerica
Deborah Britt-Hay Horse Training Basics: An Indispensable Guide for Beginning Trainers Alpine Publications, Inc, 1994
Jack Russell Terriers for Dummies IDG Books, 2000
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jack Russell Terriers Howell Book House, a division of MacMillan, 1999
Terry Row
(Kathryn Davis)
Phyllis Marie Clifton Edwin Publishing Publisher
Guy Brooke Pepper the Preschool Puppy (The Call of the Ball) Tate Publishing  
Kimberley Brooks
(Debra Mitchell)
He's Fine ... But is He Saved? Kimani Press New Spirit  
Katrina L. Burchett
(Pam Guerrieri)
Choices Kapri Books  
Eric Burgess
(Dennis Billuni)
The Last Templar Brian MCafferty of the Lionize, Inc. Literary Agency  
Bruce Bushong Tin Man Meets Dorothy PublishAmerica
David Cadot
(Dennis Billuni)
When Darkness Falls AuthorHouse  
Jeremy Chester
(Mary Linn Roby)
Smoke Bascom Hill


Richard Cloutier
(Dennis Billuni)
Caveat Emptor PublishAmerica
Geoff Cook
Mary Linn Roby
Pieces for the Wicked J. Wallace of the Joseph Wallace Literary Agency, London, UK  
Kevin Cooley
(Dennis Billuni)
Walk on Water The Cherry Weiner Literary Agency  
Pete Dearaujo Death Could Kill You Pirone Publishing
Tami Dee
Mary Linn Roby
Mist of Time Viking Series
Under a Viking Moon - June 2009; Dawn of a Viking Sunrise - January 2010; Beyond a Viking Horizon - August 2010; and Through a Viking Mist - March 2011
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.  
Laura DeNooyer-Moore All That is Hidden 1stBooks Library
Peter S. Drang Weed Challenging Destiny Magazine - Number 11, November 2000
Chris Duschik A Song of Healing America House Book Publishers
Hidden Stars America House Book Publishers
Tami E
(Mary Linn Roby)
Under a Viking Moon Triskelion Press  
Tom East The Rest of Us America House Book Publishers
Bill Eastburn
(Mary Linn Roby)
After the Gate
Jerry Eden
(Dennis Billuni)
Murder III Publish America
James R. Elliott
(Dennis Billuni)
To Duel with the Hands of God AuthorHouse  
Matthew Enkgraf
(Dennis Billuni)
A White Picket Fence
Joseph M. George Balance of Power PublishAmerica
Larry L. Grant
(Mary Linn Roby)
Death Penalty Double Click Literary Agency  
Daniel J. Hanlon
(Nicole A. Bentley)
In Search of the Buffalo Barbara Harris, Del Mar, California  
Karen Harrington
(Mary Lynn Roby)
Janeology Kunati Books  
Margaret Helms
(Nicole A. Bentley)
Fogs in August 1stBooks Library
The Fifth Stage Dare2Dream  
Nina Holden Clandestine Confessions Gavta Publishing
Donald Hollway
(Mary Linn Roby)
Dangerous Game Infinity Press  
JoAnn Hornak
(Mary Linn Roby)
Adventures of a Salsa Goddess Berkley Books
Gene Hull
(Mary Linn Roby)
Hooked on a Horn: Memoirs of a Recovered Musician Trafford Publishing  
Recipient of the 2006 Gold Palm Literary award  
Howard Jenkins
(Mary Linn Roby)
The Big Deal AuthorHouse  
Jerold and Phyllis Jessop
(Dennis Latham)
Mataka PublishAmerica  
Mark W. Jones
(Nicole A. Bentley)
The Awakening:
A Tale of Avian Evolution
Monterey Pacific Publishing
Christopher Joyce Last Effects Centennial Books
Kimila K
(Shellie Hurrle)
Apology (a short story) Adams Media Publishing Company, a division of F & W Publications
Kathy Keller
(Mary Linn Roby)
The Butterfly Clinic iUniverse
M. T. Kingsley With Malicious Intent AuthorHouse
Dheera  Kitchlu
(Mary Linn Roby)
My Friend Sadu Shiva Fingerprints  
Carolyn Kvajic
(Mary Linn Roby)
Sons of the Black Hand PublishAmerica
Penny Lauer
Mary Linn Roby
Bottled Butterfly ArcheBooks  
Yup Lee
(Nicole A. Bentley)
Man as the Prayer Trafford Publishing
Hailey Lind
(Mary Linn Roby)
Feint of Art New American Library/Putnam/Penguin
Shooting Gallery Signet
Richard Miller
(Dennis Billuni)
Playing in the Traffik Cris Robbins of The Robbins Agency, Saint Louis, MO  
Peter Mitchell
Mary Linn Roby
Ramayan iUniverse  
Christina Moore
(Kristy Billuni)
Black Swan Storm Petrel  
Erna Mueller
(Mary Linn Roby)
It's a Dog's Life The Children's Literary Agency  
Clelia Mulally
(Mary Linn Roby)
A Different Country: Passage to Brazil 1stBooks Library
The Brazilians Double Click Literary Agency  
Lisa Nevin
(Dr. Carol Thoma)
Into This Mind Unlimited Publishing, LLC  
Scott Olivieri
(Dennis Billuni)
The Batter's Edge
Jillann Olvera
(Mary Linn Roby)
Silent Duets PublishAmerica
Janette Owens
(Nicole A. Bentley)
A Swan Song Oneswan Productions
Kathy Perry Haunted Past
David Pipitone
(Debra Griffin-Mitchell)
The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day AuthorHouse  
Andrew Rafkin
Dennis Billuni
Creating Madness Outskirt Press  
Chuck Rathert
(Dennis Billuni)
The Lost Gold of Sleeping Child Cambridge Literary Associates  
Dan Ritter Portal: The Intersection of Time and Purpose XLibris  
Jared Rogers Pathways to Wealth: A Common Sense Guide to Personal Money Management and Lifestyle Techniques 1stBooks Library
Jim Rogers The Rock and the Kangaroos M. W. Mills, Literary Agent
Nora Ryan
(Lorna Lynch)
Across the Great Divide Trafford Publishing  
Rick Sahlberg Applecores  
Mathilde Schmidt
(Pam Guerrieri)
The Lake Dwellers iUniverse  
Heather Sharfeddin
(Lorna Lynch)
Blackbelly Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency
Bridge Works Publishing
Todd Sherman
(Dennis Billuni)
Pitching Ice Cubes at the Sun
Reverend R.E. Shofkom
(Nicole A. Bentley)
A New Reality; Ten Steps to Transforming Your Life!     
Eva Jana Siroka
(Bruce Coggin)
Maddalena Semele Books, Princeton, NJ
John D. Smith Happy Holidays  PublishAmerica  
Peg Sorensen
(Shellie Hurrle)
Stroked AuthorHouse  
Rosemary Stewart
(Pam Guerrieri)
Crossings Lifeline Publishing  
Jack C. Stoddard
(Mary Linn Roby)
Fiddler's Green Wasteland Press  
Sanxing Sun
(Pam Guerrieri and
Shellie Hurrle)
The Key to Career Success: Shape a Superb Perception of You T. L. Tower  
Joan Taylor Sid 1stBooks Library
Jim Tomaszek
(Mary Linn Roby)
All Else is Vanity PublishAmerica
If the Devil Dress Her Not PublishAmerica
Julie Bigg Veazey
(Mary Linn Roby)
Silent Cry BookSurge Publishing
Reckless Indifference BookSurge Publishing Amazon
Peter Verinder
(Nicole A. Bentley)
Ambition American Book Publishing Group
Mika Way
(Shellie Hurrle)
Forbidden Sakura PublishAmerica  
James C. Whited, Jr.
(Mary Linn Roby)
Memoirs of a Monster PublishAmerica  
Jonathan Womack
(Dennis Latham)
A Cry for a Hero Charles River Press
Daniel Lance Wright Six Years' Worth Father's Press