You may email these clients for references by clicking on the person's name. However, we cannot guarantee accuracy of some of the email addresses since we are unable to update this list unless a client notifies us of a change.

The author's A-1 Editing Service editor is listed in parentheses.

Robert Aguas - Mainstream fiction
Anthony Armstrong - Horror short stories
Antoinette Avalon - Fantasy
. Jeremy Bates - Mainstream fiction
Lainee Berkowitz (Jodi Tahsler) - Women's fiction
Linda Benoit Bilodeau (Nicole A. Bentley) - Romance
Curt Blattman (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
Kathie Bouterse - Fantasy
Randall Bowden - Mainstream satirical novel
. Guy Brooke - Children's stories
. Kimberley Brooks (Debra Mitchell) - Religious fiction
Alex Brown - Mainstream fiction
. Katrina L. Burchett (Pam Guerrieri) - Young-adult Christian fiction
Eric Burgess (Dennis Billuni) - Fantasy
David Cadot (Dennis Billuni) - Fantasy
Jeanine Carle - Children's stories
Patrick Carman - Young adult fiction
Clyde Casey - Historical fiction
Peter Castillo - Mainstream fiction
. Jeremy Chester (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
Tom Childress - Mainstream romance
Richard Cloutier (Dennis Billuni) - Mystery/fantasy
Dr. Palmer Cook - Young adults mystery
. Kevin Cooley - Mainstream fiction
Pete Dearaujo - Humorous sci-fi/fantasy
. Tami Dee (Mary Linn Roby) - Romance
Laura DeNoyer-Moore - Mainstream and historical fiction
Chris Dushcik - Young adult
Dr. David Dutcher - Mainstream suspense
. Tami E (Mary Linn Roby) - Romance
Bill Eastburn (Mary Linn Roby) - Suspense
Willie Eastburn (Mary Linn Roby) - Mystery/suspense
Jerry Eden (Dennis Billuni) - Mystery
Billy Farr (Jodi Tahsler) - Mainstream fiction
Terri Friedlander - (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream women's fiction
Joseph M. George - Mainstream fiction/suspense
Larry Grant (Mary Linn Roby) - Mystery/suspense
Eddie Hall (Deck Deckert) - Men's novels
Daniel J. Hanlon (Nicole A. Bentley) - Mainstream suspense
. Karen Harrington (Mary Lynn Roby) - Literary fiction
Jason Hauser - Fantasy
Margaret Helms (Nicole A. Bentley) - Women's fiction/suspense
Jim Hert - Short stories
Nina Holden - Women's literature
. Donald Hollway (Mary Linn Roby) - Action/suspense
JoAnn Hornak (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream women's fiction
Gene Hull (Mary Linn Roby) - Memoir
. Kathy Keller (Mary Linn Roby)
. Howard Jenkins (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
Michael J. Jett - War story
Glynis Johnson - Memoirs
Keith Johnson - Mainstream fiction/mystery-suspense
Mark Jones (Nicole A. Bentley) - Mainstream fiction
Paul Joseph - Science Fiction
Christopher Joyce - Mystery
. Kate Kaynak (Deborah Britt-Hay) - Young Adult fiction
. Cpt. Jonah Krause (Dennis Latham) - Mainstream fiction
Camille Lagron (Debbie Britt-Hay) -Mainstream fiction
. Penny Lauer (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
. Barbara League (Pam Guerrieri) - Mainstream fiction
Karen Lee - African-American/contemporary romance
Yup Lee (Nicole A. Bentley) - Non-fiction anthropology
Hailey Lind (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
James R Maddux - Literary fiction, action/adventure
Victor McNeil - Mainstream/literary fiction/romance
Gregg Milligan - Non-fiction story about abuse
. Daru Mincy (Deborah Britt-Hay) - Young Adult fiction
. Christina Moore - Mainstream fiction
Alex Morgan - Young adult stories
. Erna Mueller - Children's literature
Clelia T. Mullaly (Mary Linn Roby) - Historical fiction
. Lisa Nevin (Dr. Carol Thoma) - Mainstream fiction/fantasy
Lorna Nicholson - Mainstream female fiction
Flint Ory (Deborah Britt-Hay) - Mainstream fiction/fantasy
Neil Ostroff - Psychological thriller
Janette Owens (Nicole A. Bentley) - Inspirational poems/short stories
Marguerite Paul - Non-fiction/cookbook
Steve Pendegrast - Sci-fi short stories
Kathy Perry - Romance
Greg Peterson - Adventure/suspense
David Pipitone (Debra Griffin-Mitchell) - Christian fiction
Nazia Quazi - short stories
. Andrew Rafkin (Dennis Billuni) - Mainstream suspense and action/thriller
Chuck Rathert (Dennis Billuni) - Adventure
Dr. Rick Reinhardt - Medical thriller
Jim Rogers - Mainstream fiction
Rick Sahlberg - Historical Novel
. Mathilde Schmidt (Pam Guerrieri) - Mainstream fiction
. Dwayne Schuler - TV play
Heather Sharfeddin (Lorna Lynch) - Mainstream fiction
Todd Sherman (Dennis Billuni) - Short sci-fi, fantasy stories
Robert Shofkom (Nicole A. Bentley) - Non-fiction/self-help
Eva Jana Siroka (Bruce Coggin) - Historical fiction
L. S. Sledge - Fantasy
Wayne Smiley - Children's story
John D. Smith - Political thriller
. Peg Sorensen (Shellie Hurrle) - Nonfiction (memoir)
A. J. Stevenson - Self-help/humorous
. Rosemary Stewart (Pam Guerrieri) - Mainstream fiction
. Jack Stoddard (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
. Sanxing Sun (Pam Guerrieri and Shellie Hurrle) - Manual - nonfiction
Jeff Temple - Humorous detective fiction
Jim Tomaszek (Mary Linn Roby) - Literary fiction
James L. Tucker - Mainstream fiction/adventure
. Julie Bigg Veazey (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream fiction
Peter Verinder (Nicole A. Bentley) - Mainstream fiction
Wendi Warp - Humorous fiction
. Mika Way (Shellie Hurrle) - Women's fiction
Arlene White-Brisco
James C. Whited, Jr. (Mary Linn Roby) - Mainstream suspense
Lisa Wiedemeier (Jodi Tahsler) - Mainstream fiction
Danny Wright - Action/adventure
Michele Yepiz - Mainstream fiction